Thursday, November 3, 2016

Tory Burch Outlet

For months, I eagerly awaited the opening of the Tory Burch outlet at Clarksburg Premium Outlets. According to the news, traffic surrounding the outlets during the grand opening was pretty ferocious, so I decided to take a back road to the outlet instead of the highway.

When I approached the store, I noticed that the line already stretched quite far in front of the store. A uniformed security guard and a man in a suit managed the line. Quickly, I realized two things. First, the store appeared to be quite empty. Very few people were actually inside the store. Second, I was going to be waiting for quite a while. The "crowd" in the store was not even close to reaching the fire code limit, so I'm not sure why security was limiting entry to such a small group of people at a time.

Some people approached the line with "returns" and a Tory Burch bag. From the line, others noticed that these people were not returning items and used the "return" as a ploy to get in the store. Another person who had a "return" actually turned out to be a shoplifter! People watched her in action from the window and alerted security personnel.Waiting women ratted out the people making fake returns and security told them to make a return or to get in line to shop or browse.

Finally, after about an hour in line, I finally entered the store.

I had hoped to pick up some shoes, but there were not many shoes in store. If you're in the market for flip flops, you're in luck.

tory burch outlet clarksburg premium flip flops sale

The entire store was 40% off marked prices, with a few select items an extra 25% off. Baskets of flip flops organized by size dotted the sales floor.

tory burch outlet clarksburg premium clothes polo grand opening

The store offers a good selection of clothing in a wide variety of sizes. Prices for these polo tops were standard retail price minus the 40%.

tory burch outlet clarksburg premium bag purses grand opening

Bags, totes, and small accessories lined the walls of both sides of the store. Again, the prices included a savings of 40% off retail.

tory burch outlet clarksburg premium bag purses grand opening gifts under 100

I especially liked the little orange cross body bag in this picture. It was one of the few items that was reduced in price from the original retail. With the extra 40% off the marked down price, the little bag was just under $100.

The Tory Burch outlet store at the Clarksburg Premium Outlets is quite large and I have good hopes for future shopping experiences. Outlet prices matched offers that I can find online or at Tory Burch at the Galleria, so little incentive to wait in line and deal with the crowds exists right now. Hopefully in the future, an extra percentage off marked down prices and a larger inventory of certain items like shoes will sweeten the pot.

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