Monday, July 5, 2021

$1 Gift for Disney

As you probably already know, I never miss an opportunity for a trip to Disney. Luckily I was able to renew my annual pass, even with the craziness that happened with passes after the parks closed. Although we are fortunate to visit Disney often, I discover something new with every visit. 

Just like the rest of the world, Disney cast members faced significant challenges with their jobs, with a year full of uncertainty and chaos. So, for this trip, I turned the tables, so to speak, and gave a little bit of magic to Disney cast members, to thank them for the magic that they give to others every day. 

I found these adorable Disney keys that double as a bottle opener (bonus!) and wrote little notes on the tag and tied it up with twine. The keys come in a set with enough materials to make 25 gifts to share the magic on your Disney trip and come in copper, rose gold, and silver. At less than a dollar per gift, it's an easy and inexpensive way to share a little magic with Disney cast members. Use the keys for other Disney parties, favors, or weddings, too!

Every cast member appreciated this small gift so much and showed so much surprise! My favorite interaction was with a college student who was "earning his ears" and shared that he had just arrived at Disney a few weeks ago as part of the college program. I loved seeing the big smile on his face and hearing how much his colleagues at the slushee stand marveled at the key. 

Now that my daughters are in college, I really appreciate the time that I'm able to spend together with them and hope to continue my adventures with them even after they have graduated and have families of their own. 

If you visit Disney in the near future, be sure to check out the cool photo pass tiny world picture at Animal Kingdom. You'll find the photographer for this special picture at the exit for the "Bug's Life" ride. 

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