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Savannah: Equal Parts History, Flavor, and Fun

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Savannah is a magical, multifaceted city with something for everyone. For me, it was equal parts history, flavor, and fun. During a search on Google Flights, I put in the amount I wanted to spend on a flight, rolled the dice, and Savannah appeared. 

Savannah is absolutely adorable, if it's possible for a city to be adorable. Even the airport is sweet, with welcoming rocking chairs and beautiful interior design. My flight arrived fairly late, so when I arrived at the Bohemian Hotel Savannah and they said that there was music on the rooftop, I dropped my bags, and headed up to the roof. The vibe of the bar was incredible, with people of all ages dancing and enjoying the music. 

The next morning, I set off to explore the city's tree lined squares. I walked along Bull Street, taking a few detours here and there. One of the most beautiful streets that I encountered was Jones Street. With all of the flags and beautifully adorned entryways, it is heavenly. I dressed for warm, humid weather, picking this comfortable mini dress for my first day. 

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Even in the summer heat, the trees and gentle breeze made exploring on foot enjoyable. I paused many times in different squares to take a break and just enjoy the atmosphere. 

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Forsyth Park seems like it is along the edge of the historic area. It's a large park with many benches and activities. Although this gorgeous Forsyth Park Fountain has become an iconic Savannah site, I learned that this same fountain graces other city squares in New York, Peru, and France, and that it was ordered from a catalog! Lately, I'm loving the return of the romper. This pink romper is light and airy, keeping me cool despite the high humidity. My hair didn't fare as well against the humidity, despite my vailent attempt with a pretty headband

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Where to Stay: Bohemian Hotel Savannah

The Bohemian Hotel Savannah boasts an excellent riverfront location, offering an incredible view and is within walking distance of pretty much everything in the city. I didn't rent a car during my stay and walked everywhere. In addition to the rooftop bar, Rocks on the Roof, there is another restaurant on the river front that offers breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I ate at both restaurants and enjoyed them both. If you have a choice, I highly recommend choosing a river view room. From my balcony, I watched a steady stream of cargo ships glide down the river. Paintings and sculptures line the hallways and common areas of the hotel; and I believe that you can purchase them, too. 

Where to Eat: 

First and foremost, I highly recommend making reservations before your trip. Many of the most popular restaurants book quickly and others are rather small. The Olde Pink House offers a gorgeous backdrop for a photo, but the food makes this restaurant a winner. For dinner, I recommend the fried green tomatoes to start and the pecan crusted chicken breast. Save room for the praline basket, a scrumptious treat of almonds and pecans, vanilla ice cream, mango-citrus puree, and fruit. After all, dessert is not for the stomach, it's for the soul. 

Speaking of sweet, I opted for the same brunch menu at two different venues. I had the intention of finding chicken and waffles, but ended up with chicken and French toast at Collins Quarter and Huey's on the River. The powdered sugar on the top is the best part. I especially liked the spicy sauce for the French toast at Huey's. 

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Where to Explore: 

After my hearty eating adventures in Savannah, some walking helps to mitigate these adventures from landing on my hips. Just down the riverfront from Huey's, I saw the famous Waving Girl statue, a tribute to Florence Martus, who greeted ships as they entered Savannah. 

As previously mentioned, the Historic District of Savannah is easily explored on foot. From the riverfront area, along Bull Street, and to Forsyth Park, there is so much to see and do. If you'd like to map out your own plan, I recommend the app GPSMyCity, where you can select from multiple self-guided tours.  If you're looking for a guided tour, check out Genteel and Bard

Savannah is an excellent pick for a romantic vacation, girls' weekend, or celebration. Looking forward to another visit to Savannah soon!

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