Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Summer Hair! 4 Ways to Tame Your Mane

Simply put, this 4th of July holiday weekend shined like no other. The temperature never rose to an uncomfortable level and the rain stayed clear of our path. My daughters are not living at home this summer, but made the drive home for the holiday and to celebrate my birthday a little bit early. On Saturday, we went to a local festival and heard one of my favorite 80s tribute bands. Later that evening, we saw fireworks from a distance in two different places. On the 4th we celebrated with a small group of dear college friends and later with family. The icing on the cake was a baseball game for our town’s minor league team. The home team won by one run and the fireworks after the game amazed the crowd and brought tears to my eyes. It felt so good to have a “normal” holiday and to see everyone enjoying themselves, but a good Sousa march, perfectly timed to the rockets, gets me everytime. 

So, moving on to today’s post. Let’s talk about summer hair. My hair naturally twirls and curls, but not in an organized enough way to make me happy, especially not in the summer. And during the humid Maryland summers, my hair transforms from mermaid to sea hag in a matter of minutes. So today, I’m going to share four of my favorite solutions to help tame my mane. 

For decades I’ve adored wearing headbands and love it that they’re “back in style.” I used to have a bunch of Laura Ashley headbands to match my dresses. But in 2021, headbands are back in full force. Headbands pull back just enough of my hair to keep it neat, even on a windy day. A jeweled or beaded headband instantly frames your face and elevates any look to luxe, especially a summer dress

This black neoprene headband stays in place, making it a perfect addition to your workout or beach ensemble. 

Hats do double duty in the summer, protecting your face from the sun, and keeping hair out your face. My sweet friend, Patti, made this hat for me with my initials on it. She’s so talented. Whether you pick a bucket hat, a bolero hat, or one with a wide brim, hats save the day. 

Other practical throwbacks to the 90s are claw clips and scrunchies. Judge if you want, but honestly, how else can you tame your mane and match your outfit? One of my first jobs as a teen was at a popular store in the mall (which one do you think it was?) and we always had to say, “Would you like the matching socks and scrunchie to go with that?” Today’s claw clips and scrunchies work in almost every situation. Sometimes, I’ll pull my hair back with a scrunchie or clip, and top it off with a hat or headband.

How do you tame your summer mane?


  1. I am in the market for a new hat and both of these are delightful.


    1. Thanks so much, Patty! I'm always open for a new summer hat.



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