Friday, June 3, 2022

6 Reasons Why I Wear Dresses All Summer

Summer is my season. Sunshine, vacations, and lots and lots of dresses. Believe it or not, besides a handful of rompers, I do not own any shorts. None. Not a single pair. 

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Why do I wear dresses all summer?

  1. Easy morning routine. Getting ready in the in the morning is effortly stylish. No complicated decisions to make; slip on the dress and you're good to go. 
  2. Feel the breeze. Even on the hottest day of summer, a dress lets the breeze flow through and keeps you cool. I especially love midi and maxi dresses for this reason. 
  3. Nothing to tuck in. Forget about tucking in shirts, or worrying about belts. Even if you cinch a maxi dress, it's still easier and more comfortable than the alternative. 
  4. Easy to fit. In addition to being very figure flattering, many summer dresses are not sized numerically, especially knit and cotton fabric dresses. 
  5. "You look so nice." I receive compliments from strangers almost every day when I wear a dress, even if it is something that I consider to be so simple. You'll look polished and will be perfectly dressed for almost any occasion when you wear a dress. 
  6. Twirling. Who can resist the urge to twirl in a fabulous summer maxi dress?
Last weekend, we went to a graduation party for my cousin, who just graduated from high school. It was so incredibly hot that day, almost 100 degrees, along with the swampy Maryland humidity. But this Lilly Pulitzer dress kept me cool all afternoon. 

What's your go-to summer wardrobe?

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