Monday, June 6, 2022

Brunch at the DC Wharf

DC offers a seemingly neverending array of brunch options. Now that the weather is warm and beautiful, I opted for a brunch spot at the DC Wharf. Parking can be a bit complicated, especially on a beautiful, busy weekend day, so it's a good idea to reserve in advance if you can. 

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We had already enjoyed an incredible brunch at La Vie, but the look and vibe of Mi Vida, located right next door, intrigued me, and I'm already a fan of many of the celebrity chef's other restaurants. The decor is bright and inviting. We sat inside along the window in a booth with a water view and beautiful pink wall of butterflies on the other side. 

While we perused the menu, our friendly server brought water and offered us drinks. 

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Everything on the menu tempted our tastebuds, so we decided to get the Sabores de Mexico tasting menu. What a wonderful decision. For the first course, we got the naranjas enchildaas, guacamole, and chips. The tiny orange pieces come alive with flavor with a spritz of lime juice and a sprinkle of tajin. This is one idea that I can re-create at home. The generous serving of guacamole equally impressed us, although our waiter warned us not to fill up on chips, because more food was on the way. 

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The food was brought out in perfect time intervals, not too quickly, but we never had empty plates or seemed to be waiting for the next course. Service was attentive and flawless. Initially, I have to confess that I was a little disappointed that we would each only have one chicken enchilada suiza, but the portion was perfect. The salsa verde was creamy and bursting with flavor, and the enchiladas were stuffed with delicious shredded chicken.  

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Just as I was finishing the enchilada, one of my favorite dishes arrived. Whenever I'm in Mexico, I eat shrimp cocktail as often as I can, because it's so hard to find authentic Mexican shrimp cocktail the way I like it. The shrimp were large and plentiful, but the twist that I loved, were the crisp strips of jicama entertwined among the shrimp. The spice level was perfect, and I appreciated that it was served with crackers. 

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After brunch, we explored the area around the wharf. I'm still wearing clothes that I bought on super sale during the pandemic; today, this little dress from Tuckernuck took her maiden voyage. I'm also wearing my Grear sandals from Sarah Flint on repeat. The reverse detail on the sandal is so playful and fun. Get $50 off your first pair of Sarah Flink shoes with my code BABETHANYB.

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I've saved the best for last. Dessert. The dessert course on the menu was listed as "French Toast" and "Churros." Words don't do justice to the beauty of the french toast. It's a sugar coated baked loaf, topped with cajeta, caramelized pecans, and bananas. The brown sauce is basically melted sugar, and you better believe that I dipped each morsel in that delicious sauce. 

After all, as a dear friend says, "Dessert is not for the stomach; it is for the soul."
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What's your favorite brunch spot? 

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